CARRERAS provides a comprehensive solution to the supply chain, providing value-added services in promoting our clients products – co-packing, labeling, exhibitors, banded, kitting, etc.

Competitive advantages:

• Flexibility and cost optimization of Copacking / Kitting.
• Full control of traceability.
• Improved availability times.
• Great responsiveness.
• Handling at the right temperature.
• Prediseño/test Manipulated and optimization of the transport and delivery.
• Automatic safety stock.
• Sync with sales production orders to minimize obsolescence.
• Forfeitures-management component to the letter.
• Reduction of transport costs and CO2 emissions.
• Recycling of packaging.
• Storage, management and supply of raw materials.
• Comprehensive information web-by.
• EDI integration with the rest of the supply chain.