Accountability is one of the core values of Carreras.

This responsibility is reflected in terms of management on a continuous policy of trust, transparency, ethics and integrity, which characterizes all employees.

Therefore, Carreras means more customer service, more service spirit and more capacity.

And also by this responsibility feeling, Carreras Grupo Logístico has been linked to direct aid projects, integrating as an intrinsic part of its organization the following processes:

  • Employment program for disadvantaged groups: Implementing recruitment policies for people of reduced capacity.
  • Collaboration with Red Cross: For years, Carreras has been preferentially cooperating with the Red Cross blood donation programme, being also an honorary member of the Brotherhood of Blood Donors.
  • Partnership agreement with AECOC against food waste, distribuiting the surplus to food banks or recovering it, among other measures.
  • Commitment to the environment through collaborations with local institutions and municipalities where we operate.