Responsibility is one of the main values ​​of Carreras

This responsibility translates in management terms into a continuous policy of trust, transparency, ethics and integrity, which characterizes all employees.

That is why Carreras is synonymous with more customer service, more spirit of service and more capacity.

Also because of this feeling of responsibility, Carreras Grupo Logístico has integrated the following processes related to social, corporate governance and environmental criteria (called ESG) as an intrinsic part of its organization:

Environmental Dimension

  • 98% EURO 6 and 2% EURO 5 fleet that is renewed every 2/3 years to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint by 35%, obtaining the second Green&Lean star.
  • Production of wind energy through a subsidiary that manages wind farms
  • Investment in solar panel installations in our warehouses, achieving a surface area of ​​more than 60,000 m2 of panels.
  • Training program for drivers in efficient and safe driving.
  • Use of renewable energy in warehouses, which are sustainable and neutral in terms of emissions.
  • ADBLUE deposits in the Group’s Central facilities.
  • Energy efficiency: Adaptation of storage and management facilities to reduce electrical consumption.
  • Employee awareness and training programs.
  • Selection of suppliers that comply with environmental standards.
  • Reduction in waste generation (recycling).
  • Promotion of the recovery of partially damaged products.
  • Special carbon footprint reduction service in reverse logistics.
  • Implementation of new advanced stock management tools.
  • Planting trees in companies of the business group.

Corporate Governance Dimension

  • Labor code of ethics
  • Non-strictly professional personal training
  • Extended risk prevention standards
  • Minority Integration Policies
  • Work-life balance plan

Social Dimension

  • Promotion of sport
  • Sponsorship and collaboration with the Red Cross. For years Carreras has collaborated preferably with the Red Cross in blood donation, being an
  • Honorary Member of the Brotherhood of Blood Donors
  • Promotion of the use of Food Banks
  • Optional Health Check Extensions
  • Logistics chair for the training of university students (ZLC/MIT)
  • Employment program for disadvantaged groups: Implementing hiring policies for personnel with reduced capacity
  • Commitment to our environment through collaborations with local institutions and city councils wherever we are present.
  • Obtaining and renewing RSA and RSA+ seals, granted by the Social Responsibility Board of Aragon, as its highest reference.