Carreras Grupo Logístico enjoys the certification of its quality management system based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015.

The application of continuous improvement tools has allowed our management system to evolve into an integrated management system that includes:

Risks Prevention

This integration includes the management of occupational risk prevention within each of the processes of our company, always taking into account the most rigorous requirements in terms of occupational safety and occupational health contained in the legislation. Carreras Grupo Logístico has its own prevention service through which all preventive aspects are optimally managed.

Process / quality management system

In order to satisfy our clients, it is necessary a perfect integration of all the processes that allow us to ensure the correct rendering of our services, complying with the requirements defined by each one of our clients. Our management system has a solid computerized document base that allows all members of the organization to share the information generated in each of the company’s processes, guaranteeing the best quality of service.


Our management system also contemplates environmental aspects in order to comply with current legislation on the subject and manage our services in the most respectful way with the environment that surrounds us. In addition, Carreras Grupo Logístico follows energy efficiency criteria in the design of its facilities. Within the organization, carbon footprint reduction objectives have also been defined in the design of its logistics services.

Quality as a supplier to the chemical industry

In addition, our group has the SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) certificate for compliance with the requirements defined by the chemical industry for its suppliers, providing a useful tool to evaluate quality, safety and environmental management.

Corporate ethics

Finally, as part of its continuous improvement process, Carreras Grupo Logístico has adhered to the SEDEX international standards, which include principles of business ethics, environment, occupational health and safety and labor standards.