Logistic efficiency depends on the quality management systems of information.

The knowledge of the opportunities and best tools available in the market is one of the main differentiating factors of a logistics operator.

Carreras working with research and development centers, manufacturers, forums and engineering sector, thus ensuring continuous process improvement, innovation and refinement of the strategy.

Carreras incorporates advanced technologies in all links of the supply chain.

For decades we have developed a lot of specific technological tools for our clients, allowing us to efficiently manage our stock centers, the durability of products and reverse logistics. Also help us to manage the distribution, integration with delivery points or consignees, delivery conditions, resources and productivity, EDI module, and automated warehouses (silos). We use radio frequency technology, RFID, business intelligence and process optimizers, among others.


Time Monitoring

Our integration between WMS module and the module-based traffic management in the use of terminals (PDA) – allows real-time monitoring fleet activities and orders and optimize resources.

The real-time telemetry and semi tractors to control all operational resources: position, status, availability, temperature, consumption, theft, tachograph, etc. whereas mobility devices for drivers (tablets) provide document management, incidents , refueling, overhead and work plans related to a browser.

Our own developments, traffic management module and management module Comet SGL, logistics allow us to adapt flexibly to the requirements of our customers and ensure real-time management information systems.

Fourth Generation Operator

As a fourth-generation operator, Racing Logistics Group provides management modules related to logistics activities, such as DRP, MRP, scorecards and others. These modules have allowed us to increase the quality of customer information, increased integration between information systems and ours and reduce costs and errors together.

We have also developed specific technology for the production plants of our customers.

Careers offers specific consulting services logistics systems.