Carreras has acquired an additional number of shares from its French subsidiary Transeco. By doing so, the logistics operator moves forward on its strategic plan of becoming a relevant third party logistics provider on the southeast of Europe (Spain, France, Italy and Portugal).

Carreras already acquired the majority of Transeco, based on Orleans, on 2017. The French subsidiary is not only integrating itself within its spanish mother company, but also experiencing a big thrive during the last years.

The company enjoys a team of professionals with large experience, in addition to its own fleets and storage capacity of 40.000 m2. storage capacity and alliances throughout France.

For this reason, Transeco is one of the most competitive logistic providers of warehousing, handling, distribution, shipping and co-packing all over France.

In addition to its relevant paper in France, thanks to Transeco, Carreras is able to manage efficiently any operations between France and Spain or vice versa, as well as flows between Italy and France.